Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tokyo : Shibuya


We went to Shibuya just to experience this famous crossing a.k.a Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Scramble Crossing etc.  Its really fun walking with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people to cross the road.  When the pedestrian traffic light turns green, pedestrians from all side of the roads will walking towards their direction at the same time. It's really exciting eventhough back in Msia we really hate being in crowds, but this place is an exception. We did it twice..! Such a memorable moment...heee

Some bloggers do mention to take a sip of coffee at Starbucks.  Get a seat near the window on the second floor and watch the pedestrians crossing the road. Unfortunately, we having Sultan in his stroller that day and we didnt find elevator too.  So, we went out and heading to Shibuya 109.

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